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Really pretty picture of someone’s copy off of Twitter, with the mirror from TSUTAYA in the upper right ~

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"Multiple personality disorder? Me?"

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On Twitter right now, there’s a Shindan Maker about if they can make a meal.

Amatsuki was all boasting saying “Why is everyone spoiling their food so much? You’re Japanese right? Here, I’ll show you how to do it, watch.”

“Amatsuki could not prepare dinner.”

Amatsuki: ( ;・´ー・`)

Taiyakiya: WWWWWWW Even though he boasted about it so much WWWWWW So stupid!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWW Watch! I’ll give you a proper model!!!!!!

“Taiyakiya could not prepare dinner.”

Touyu: Oi oi oi, those that can’t make their own food are kindergartners! Try it again, got it? This is how you make it, so watch carefully!

“Touyu spoiled his dinner.”

Soraru: Amatsuki, Touyu-kun, and Tai-san all failed, so it’s enough. Why can’t you make dinner? Just, why? I’ll show a different result from you guys.”

“Soraru could not prepare dinner.”

Inakamono: It’s pathetic there aren’t any odds that dinner can be prepared.

“Inakamono spoiled his dinner.”

“Kogeinu could not prepare dinner.”

Kogeinu: I don’t have anything to say.

Comment: It’s because you’re a dog, right?

Kogeinu: My food dish is lonely.

T-kun: Even Soraru-san and Amatsuki-kun couldn’t do, they really are helpless guys. Watch, I’ll make it, so watch, okay?

“Tomohisa could not prepare dinner.”

Amatsuki: Oi, isn’t it just everyone can’t make it?!

Komine: “Komine pretty much hates food.” ?!?!

Kony: Isn’t the reason that everyone can’t make it is because their awareness is low? You don’t have enough respect for the rice paddies. There’s seven gods that you have to pay respect to. “Kony spoiled his dinner.”

Amatsuki: What is this? Even Kony couldn’t do it? Shamuon isn’t here, so I guess I’ll do it for him in his place—

Amatsuki: “Shamuon ate bread.” ?!?!?!?!

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From Twitter: 

Shoose: Swy chan (´・д・`)

Swy: Shuu shuu

Shoose: Swy cha

Swy: Don’t make that kind of face-

Shoose: Un (´・д・`)

Swy: Nn? What’s wrong, what’s wrong? ヾ(´・д・`)/patpat

Shoose: Nn~~~ (´・д・`。)

(´・д・`)✌(´・-・ `)
Swy:(´・д・`)✌(´・-・ `)

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Soraru! `(º▽º)/

never getting over those boots he wore to Spain. oshare ~

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