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Really pretty picture of someone’s copy off of Twitter, with the mirror from TSUTAYA in the upper right ~

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小夜子 (Sayoko) - Soraru

I want to die, I want to die quietly.

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SMini summary of Soraru’s namahousou~


soraru’s namahousou just ended. for those who missed it, it’s on timeshift.

he’ll be attending the animate events~

according to the website (if i’m not mistaken) it’s a launch event for soraai and he’ll have one of these handshake and signing events.

speaking of soraai you’ll find previews of the songs on his website!

the track list has slightly changed, kagerou days and aimai elegy are included!

and new tokutens are included for those who ordered their copies from specific shops~

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裏切りの夕焼け - そらる

Treacherous SunsetSoraru
Original song by Theatre Brook

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Panda Hero (band ver.) || Soraru

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Soraru! `(º▽º)/

never getting over those boots he wore to Spain. oshare ~

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i think everyone just used the the lyrics booklet for Shamuon’s album to troll.

under the comments for the guest vocals,

i think only Mi-chan wrote a serious comment.

Soraru: “My name is Soraru. I like to sing. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” [T/N: he always makes really short messages ….. ]

Amatsuki: ” […] Shamuon-kun and I have already been dating for 30 years, but recently I’ve learned that he’s a girl. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Kony: “My name is Kony. My weight is twice of Shamuon’s. This is called 2-Shamuon. […] Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

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うん、萌え死んだ。: フレチントースト食べたい


@soraruru: フレチントースト食べたい

Soraru: I want to eat french toast.

@tonighted: あ~ フレンチトーストつくんなきゃ~

Chomaiyo: Ah~ I have to make french toach ~

@soraruru: ( ^ω^)さすがオレの嫁

Soraru: ( ^ω^)As expected of my bride.

@soraruru: ( ^ω^)さすがオレの弟 RT @suzumun あー、フレンチトースト作りすぎちゃったー

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